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As a mother of three daughters, I have had plenty of experience dealing with tough questions due to "grey area" answers.

Oh how the pendulum swings. These young girls began in their teenage years to search out and find those answers.

I grew up in a family where women's rights were not discussed. It was a given that as women, we were designed to have babies an take care of the home and it's inhabitants.

This website is dedicated to those three daughters who have not only educated me to the point of real power, but for encouraging me to create a platform in which to have a voice. They are my true inspiration.

Lisa Macheca

Founder of Jasper's Planet

Strong feminist women

We offer items for sale that we have personally created (our favorite way to create) but also items that can be easily found on Amazon. Full disclosure that items we link to Amazon are carefully searched out and we in turn receive a small commission on those items. We love keeping the lights on! Thanks for looking and for buying!

In addition: Any items purchased on Amazon through our site will create a donation to a women's rights group.

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